REDCINE-X PRO 64-bit 8k Video Processing


VERSION 51.0.47074 | 155 MB              RELEASE DATE: 4/23/2019
REDCINE-X Professional RELEASE CANDIDATE Build V51.0.47074 – Windows (64-Bit) Build

  • 64-bit Windows Vista to Windows 10 (version 1809)
  • 1GB hard drive space
  • 8GB RAM (recommended)
  • 2GB GPU Video RAM (when using GPU acceleration)
  • Windows 4GB GPU Video RAM (when using GPU R3D decompression)

Before upgrading, go to the Release History page and review the release notes for information on compatibility and roll back restrictions.

    • Added: Windows accelerated R3D decompression on supported NVIDIA CUDA GPUs
    • Added: Chroma Noise Reduction in IPP2 (On/Off)
    • Added: Flashing Pixels (Off, Mild, Medium, Strong)
    • Added: Image: Noise Reduction Panel
      • NOTE: Image Noise Reduction features are only available in Full Debayer for the Viewer Window and in Full and Half Premium Debayer for Export
      • NOTE: To add/remove panels, right-click in a panel and select a panel from the drop-down menu.
    • Added: New half resolution premium debayering in IPP2
    • Added: HDR support for select AJA and Blackmagic Design devices
  • Added: Viewer Window IPP2 / Primary Development Only view toggle
  • Added: REDline CDL export
  • Added: REDline Primary Development Only export
  • Added: Monitor Out preferences page
  • Added: Left and Right frame cropping
  • Added: Startup splash screen
  • Enhanced: Cleaned up the default REDCINE-X Pro Home Page
  • Enhanced: ProRes 4444 XQ no longer restricted to just log output
  • Enhanced: ProRes encoder now sets Rec.2020 and HDR-2084 metadata
  • Enhanced: Creative 3D LUT ALT-key Preview mode lock
  • Fixed: RMD file Creative 3D LUT fixes
  • Fixed: Marker loading issues

To take advantage of Windows R3D decompression on NVIDIA CUDA GPUs, ensure that the latest NVIDIA driver is installed via a clean installation to ensure all residual NVIDIA drivers are removed.
If performance issues are observed with a multiple NVIDIA CUDA GPU configurations, please ensure that a clean installation of the latest NVIDIA CUDA driver has been performed.

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